RQ+ Foundation
Our Mission
The RQ Foundation is committed to providing resources to NCAA Division II, III, and NAIA conferences and their officials. We take direct action to address officiating recruitment and retention issues faced by intercollegiate athletics.
Conference Level Initiatives
RQ Passport is a program designed specifically for NCAA DII, DIII, and NAIA conferences. The program aims to:
  • Simplify the referee management process by offering one platform for all stakeholders
  • Include use of RQ Assign, RQ Pay, and RQ Collaboration
  • Eliminate excessive and unnecessary annual dues charged to officials by coordinators and conferences
  • Reduce financial barriers to address officiating recruitment and retention crisis
  • Provide institutional and conference administrators necessary tools to streamline timely payments to officials using our secure payment software
  • Remove prohibitive per-official costs and roster limits
Any NCAA Division II, III or NAIA conference that meets the following criteria will be eligible for a distribution from the RQ Foundation:
  • Exclusive use of RQ Assign and RQ Pay for all sports with a coordinator
  • Officiating payments made out of the conference office at a minimum of twice per month
  • No conference level dues
  • Sport coordinator dues must be approved and justified by the commissioner
  • Officials can't be mandated/required to pay for "officiating camps" in order to receive assignments from a coordinator
Officiating Level Initiatives

PipelineGO is a program dedicated to promoting diversity and equality in sports officiating. The program is designed to address the underrepresentation of traditionally marginalized groups in officiating positions by providing a comprehensive platform for recruitment and development.

At its core, PipelineGO is focused on encouraging, promoting, and accelerating the recruitment and development of individuals from underrepresented groups. This includes individuals from diverse backgrounds such as women, people of color, and individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. By prioritizing the recruitment and development of individuals from underrepresented groups, PipelineGO aims to increase diversity and inclusion across all sports and at all levels.

Through its efforts, PipelineGO provides a point of entry for aspiring officials from underrepresented groups. This includes mentorship opportunities, training programs, and access to resources that can help individuals build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in officiating. By providing a supportive environment for aspiring officials, PipelineGO aims to ensure that individuals from underrepresented groups have the opportunity to succeed and thrive in sports officiating roles.

Ultimately, PipelineGO's efforts will result in a more diverse recruitment and retention of sports officials. By prioritizing diversity and inclusion, the program is helping to create a more equitable and inclusive sports landscape where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and succeed. By supporting the development of a diverse and inclusive pool of officials, PipelineGO is helping to promote a more equitable and just sports environment for all.


Pulse is a program designed to improve the experience of sports officials by gathering feedback and implementing changes based on that feedback. The program focuses on facilitating communication between the officiating community and the PICTOR Group, a group of experienced officials and industry experts who work to improve the state of officiating.

RQ Pulse is a comprehensive program designed to improve the experience of sports officials. By gathering feedback, implementing changes based on that feedback, and providing a range of resources and support, Pulse is helping to create a more supportive and equitable environment for officials across all sports.

  • Access to clearly defined game manager and security personnel
  • Communication from host institution prior to each contest
  • On-site treatment: Secure Changing and Shower Facilities, towels, hydration
  • Accessibility: Clearly defined parking and entrance/exit
  • Treatment: Conduct of bench personnel, fans, and followers
Strategic Partnerships
Officially Human
Officially Human was founded to restore respect to, and positive treatment of sports officials through increased education and communication to all stakeholders. It is time to create a cultural pivot to foster understanding that officials are complementary to quality competition and should not be viewed as a necessary evil. The result of these initiatives will be a restoration of respect of sports officials as authorities in competition venues.
Pictor Group
The Pictor Group's mission is to assist intercollegiate athletics programs, athletics conferences and sports organizations Rethink, Refocus and Recalibrate. They are committed to helping our Clients achieve their goals with a customized and values-based approach.